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1.QuickPlanner Plus 1.2 December 30 2007 License: Shareware
Simple and easy to use Strategic Planning wizard. QuickPlanner Plus was designed to be a modern use of age-old concepts in strategic business plans. Designed for the creative entrepreneur, it enhances your single idea into a living document defining your vision, objectives, metrics, step-by-step...

2.Daily Planner Plus 5.0 May 17 2008 License: Shareware\
Daily Planner Plus was designed as a capable, multi-module organizer Daily Planner Plus was designed as a capable, multi-module organizer. It includes a daily planner and a to-do list, as well as standard and loan calculators. You\'ll also find areas for figuring a home budget, keeping a warranty...

3.Exchange 2010 Mailbox Size Reports 14.06.01 May 29 2015 License: Shareware
Get date-wise data on emailing activities.Exchange 2010 Mailbox Size Reports prepared by Lepide Exchange Reporter helps you understand the way an employee uses his emailing application. The administrator can easily get detailed information on different folders of the mailbox.Do you need detailed...

4.1 abc net Personal Diary May 22 2008 License: Shareware\ Personal Diary - Your personal thoughts only belong to you Personal Diary is the perfect solution for those who want to write their thoughts. Personal Diary - in times when many people like to publish their thoughts and ideas in so-called web blogs that can be read by... Personal Information Center 1.00 March 28 2010 License: Trial\ $29
A handy tool that will help you organize passwords, diary entries, birthdays, calendar entries and personal addresses. With Personal Information Center many kinds of personal data can be organized on your computer. This program includes all features for creating and saving password data,... Personal Addresses 2.00 January 17 2010 License: Shareware\
One of the first tasks for computers was how to organize contact data of friends, relatives, shops, companies, authorities or customers. Nowadays, addresses or telephone numbers can be saved to data bases, to word processing files, to text files or can even be organized on your mobile phone or...

7.1 abc net Birthday Reminder 3.00 April 7 2010 License: Trial
Never forget to congratulate your friends, colleagues and relatives again! As a user of Birthday Reminder you will never forget the birthday of your friends, relatives and partners again. There are many ways and possibilities to remind you about birthdays on your computer, but most of... Personal Calendar 2.00 August 31 2010 License: Shareware
Let us be honest: Do we not all forget important dates and appointments from time to time? Meeting friends, doctor's appointments, visit relatives, sports training, birthdays, weddings ... there are so many things to organize and it is not always easy to keep best overview. This can be so much...

9.Code128 Barcode Creator July 20 2006 License: Shareware\
Code128 Barcode Creator is specially designed software to create bar code labels. By parting from a numerical or alpha input or import from external code list file, all the user has to do is to choose the format of code. The software will automatically generate the label graph. Code128 Barcode... Synchronizer 1.01 January 13 2010 License: Shareware\
To save data to internal or external hard drives, USB sticks, SD cards and other re-writable media always has one big disadvantage: No user uses the same path and later he finds out that a folder he once created for security backups was used to change files while the content of an original source... File Washer 5.00 February 3 2012 License: Free File Washer is an easy-to-use and intuitive software that will enable users to securely delete files and folders from their computer. When you use the fast and normal Windows deleting function for files they are not erased from your hard drive completely, even if you do not use the... Drive Space Organizer 4.00 June 1 2012 License: Shareware
When you bought your new computer, you probably thought it would take years to fill the disk, until that day when you discovered that you had run out of free disk space. In fact, to exceed a disk capability is easier than you may think. The capability of using devices with increasingly higher... Startup Booster 5.0 November 18 2012 License: Shareware Startup Booster is a Windows startup configuration tool. It also lets us configure startup entries for runonce (run only once, at the next reboot), and at scheduled intervals. We can configure a program to run (at startup) for one time per week, every 10 minutes, all 5 days, every 20th of... File Encrypter 6.0 January 29 2013 License: Shareware
With File Encrypter is use to encrypt a file, you just have to add it to your file list and click on ‘Encrypt Now’. To decrypt it again, you can select files the same way and click on ‘Decrypt Now’. 10 symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption methods are... Registry Washer 3.00 August 12 2009 License: Shareware
Speed up your system by cleaning up your Windows Registry!Edit By BS Editor: The Windows Registry is a place where all programs add important configuration data to. When you start your computer, Windows always checks its Registry to let all installed software know local settings, paths of the...